My main research interest is the role of campaign promises and manifestos in political representation, voter attitudes and party competition. Others include public opinion, Scottish politics since devolution and corporate lobbying. I have experience developing and administering survey instruments, conducting computerised text analysis of manifesto documents and coding party, media and citizen positions.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Greene and McMillan, 2020. “The independence echo: the rise of the constitutional question in Scottish election manifestos and voter behaviour”. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties.

McMillan. 2019. “Devolution, “new politics” and election pledge fulfilment in Scotland, 1999–2011”. British Politics.


Brandenburg, McMillan and Thomson, 2019. Does it Matter if Parties Keep their Promises? The Impact of Voter Evaluations of Pledge Fulfilment on Vote Choice.

Under Review

McMillan, Brandenburg, and Hanegraaff. “Drowning Out the Issues? Prospective Campaign Pledge Evaluations at the Brexit Election”.

Matthieß and McMillan. “Punished for Promise-Keeping? Opposition Parties and Retrospective Pledge Voting”.

Doctoral Thesis

McMillan, F. 2019. The Meaning of Mandates: Party Competition and the Programme-to-Policy Linkage. University of Strathclyde.

Off-Site Blog Posts

McMillan, 2021. “A Clan’s A Clan for A’ That? The Identities and Attitudes of Scotland’s Four Tribes”. Scottish Election Study.

McMillan, 2021. “The Neverending Stooshie: The Salmond and Sturgeon Debacle”. Centre on Constitutional Change.

McMillan and Larner, 2021. “Long Read: Scotland’s Four Tribes”. Scottish Election Study.

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McMillan, 2019. “Do Scottish parties fulfil their campaign pledges once in power? Evidence from three governments”. LSE British Politics and Policy.